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What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the term that refers to an energy that is found in the sacrum, the base of our spine. This energy works as a fuel to feed our vital force. In Sanskrit, Kundalini means “coiled” or “serpentine”; for this reason, this energy is represented as a snake, deeply dormant, which must be awakened. This energy is the source of our deepest wisdom and creativity and is the bridge that connects us to the divine.

When Kundalini is activated, we can experience the profound connection between the physical and spiritual worlds and can access a higher state of consciousness. Kundalini activation can open our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities of the Universe, allowing us to become our most authentic selves.

Kundalini energy resides in all living beings, and we possess it from birth, but it becomes dormant as we grow. It is external judgment, expectations from others, the “have tos”, the noise of everyday life, living on autopilot… that frightens the “serpent” and deprives it of its vigor, until it finally withdraws and enters a state of rest.

The goal of Kundalini activation is precisely to awaken this dormant force in our sacrum and raise it through the energetic points of our body (chakras), to reach a higher level of consciousness and provide us with an expansion of our physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities, and reconnect our being with the rest of the energy of the Universe.

Our physical and energetic anatomy is composed of many energy points and channels which are all interconnected. When Kundalini energy is activated, it expands through all these branches as if it were a wiring that illuminates our entire body. This awakening also has a relationship with the nervous system. For this reason, the person may feel an electric current running through their physical organism, and even the convulsions characteristic of someone receiving an electric shock. The sensations are very individual.

The activation of Kundalini is a unique and individual experience, and there is no right way to experience it. Awakening the Kundalini leads to a new way of being in the world, with your feet on the ground and your soul connected to the divine energy of the cosmos. Through the EKRA experience, you can look for reconnection with that ancient energy and be guided by trained professionals to take you on that journey. Surrender to this sacred experience without expectations, and trust that awakening comes when it needs to; not only will your body be opened, but your consciousness too. Don’t wait any longer and seize this invaluable opportunity.

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