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Biography of Arnaldo Alejo

Born into a prosperous Venezuela that only a fond memory remains of, I, Arnaldo Alejo, was blessed with a truly happy childhood as the only child of a Portuguese father and Colombian mother. I was (and still am) a child of light who was always surrounded by people who enjoyed my company and appreciated my inquisitive nature. Even from a young age, I was fascinated by how the human body works and why the world around me operated the way it did.

At the age of 13, I suffered an accident that changed my life forever. A gas explosion burned 75% of my body, and my face and hands took the worst of it. It was a difficult moment, but with the help of reconstructive surgeries and a lot of effort, I managed to survive. However, the mobility repercussions and the negative prognosis of the doctors made me believe that I would not be able to use my hands again.

I refused to give up and it has been years now that I used my hands as the primary tool in my practice. I am living proof that no matter what life throws at you, anything is possible.

I began an intense daily regimen of rehabilitation, but I still felt that I was stagnating. With the help of Soledad, the therapist, and my great source of support in life, I became acquainted with the world of natural therapies. Soledad had a school of natural therapies (which I would open years later) and she encouraged me to visit it to try to give massages with my painful hands. Thanks to Soledad, I was able to gain an understanding of the architecture of pain and to feel my body in a different way. I also realized that my insistence on moving my hands was a mistake and that the body is, in fact, a single, indivisible being, and that to recover the movement of my hands I had to work with my entire corporeality. Through reflexology, acupuncture, reiki, and other forms of knowledge, I began to heal naturally.

Another life-altering moment came into my life with a complex surgery. I had been afflicted by a vicious infection in my back and, after multiple interventions, my body had developed a resistance to anesthesia and painkillers. The operation was a matter of life or death, so I was forced to face the surgery with no numbing or relief. The pain I felt was so intense that my consciousness transcended the boundaries of my body and connected me to a higher realm. It was through this experience that I found a new version of myself.

Throughout my life journey, I have faced many difficult moments: robberies, kidnappings, a terrorist attack, and even a plane accident that almost cost me my life when I almost drowned in the sea. But even in those circumstances, I have tried to stay positive and to remember that my purpose in life is to help others find peace and a higher connection, no matter what obstacles they face.

I now look at these events, which for others would be considered tragedies, as blessings because they have gifted me with RESILIENCE – a gift from the Universe that allows me to keep learning and growing from both the good and the perceived “bad” experiences. I’ve come to realize that what truly matters is not what happens to us, but how we choose to receive it.

At 21, Barcelona welcomed me with open arms. I began my journey by teaching natural therapies in a school I had the honor of managing and owning. I was passionate about teaching students to look beyond physical symptoms and to treat patients with compassion and understanding. My school flourished and Arnaldo Alejo became synonymous with professionalism.

But then my school came under attack by the state bureaucracy. I fought to keep it afloat, but soon realized that this wasn’t my mission in life; I was meant to guide others. This message became even clearer when the pandemic hit.

The pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for the world, but it has been a unique opportunity for me to reconnect with my inner self and gain clarity about the steps I must take. I chose to take a break from social media and dedicate all my time and energy to my education and personal growth. It has been through allowing myself to truly feel and experience that I have once again connected with the divine energy of Kundalini.

After a year of exploring the depths of Kundalini energy, its mysteries, its power, and its potential to transform lives, I am thrilled to bring you EKRA – Energy Kundalini Reconnection and Alignment. EKRA is the culmination of my journey to spiritual consciousness, self-knowledge, and emotional openness. With the help of a team of wonderful kindred spirits, I am now offering this incredible healing and alignment opportunity to those who are seeking to reconnect with their Kundalini energy. EKRA is a gift from the Universe, and it is my honor to share it with you.

Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure! Embark with me and feel the power of EKRA – it will take you to a place of pure joy and spiritual growth.

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