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What is EKRA?

EKRA, short for Energy Kundalini Reconnection & Alignment, is a powerful tool for those who seek to reconnect with Kundalini energy and align their existence both in the physical and spiritual planes.

EKRA team is designed to help you to unlock your true potential and unleash your inner power. We offer workshops and retreats designed with great care, to help guide your introspective world towards the liberation of Kundalini energy. We combine the physical, the emotional, the mental and the social to support your personal and spiritual process.

No prior experience or preparation is required – all you need is the desire to let go of the past and start to FEEL. Take the plunge and become the real version of yourself with EKRA! Experience a journey of self-discovery, transformation, healing and unlock yourself.

Are you wondering if EKRA is for you?

EKRA is definitely for you! If you want…

✅ To free yourself from what represses you to be happy.

✅ To break the traumas that you have not been able to overcome.

✅ To live a life of bliss and freedom from guilt and fear.

✅ To vibrate in abundance (from spiritual to material)

✅ To attract good things without pursuing them.

✅ To connect with your inner power.


Do not miss the opportunity to experience a truly transformative change in your life. A change that you should already be pursuing and that has brought you to read these lines, which are insufficient to explain what this experience is about.

Because the EKRA events cannot be explained, you must experience the touch of EKRA!

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