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Beneficios energía Kundalini

What is Kundalini energy and what does it mean to awaken it? Kundalini energy is a powerful life force that is coiled like a snake at the base of our spine. This energy deeply influences our spiritual and physical development, and the way in which we position ourselves in the world.

Few things are as transformational as the awakening of Kundalini. Those who achieve it experience a variety of symptoms. Some of these include intense sensations in the extremities, in the chakras, and in the spine itself; sudden changes in mood, extremely euphoric or deeply sad feelings, hyperactivity or a heavy fatigue, heightened intuitive perception, intense dreams, and even mystical visions.

Since it is such a “wild” experience, it is recommended to enter it accompanied by experts in the field like EKRA team.

What benefits does the awakening of Kundalini bring to us?

Once Kundalini is awakened, the benefits are numerous and affect all planes of our being: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

In the physical plane, this released energy can balance our body, since it improves the natural flow of blood circulation and reduces muscle tension. It also helps us to strengthen our immune system and improves our physical resistance. At the same time, it stimulates the internal organs to improve their general metabolic functioning.

In the emotional aspect, the awakening of Kundalini stimulates our positive emotions such as unconditional love, compassion, or creativity. The new consciousness acquired allows us to fully enjoy the present moments without judgments or prejudices, and we can notice how, gradually, we free ourselves from mental suffering related to old wounds, thus opening the way to a deep and authentic self-knowledge.

Finally, the spiritual benefits of this awakening are immeasurable – we reconnect with the divine, open the doors of spirituality to a previously unknown inner world, and become acutely aware of the presence of divinity in the world. We feel part of a mystical and energetic whole that forms the cog of the Universe, and this brings us a peace unlike anything we have ever known before. Recognizing our spiritual connection with something greater gives us the confidence to face the hardships of day-to-day life with ease. In short, we reach a state of blissful enlightenment.

To properly care for and maintain an awakened Kundalini, certain practices should be followed to keep the vibration on a higher plane. These include regular meditation, specific exercises, respect for the body’s natural and biological cycles, spiritual hygiene, and attending EKRA workshops and retreats, which focus on this energy. All actions taken should be directed towards increasing vitality and connecting with the divine spark within.

Dare to be bold and explore the boundless possibilities of the EKRA experience. Let your imagination soar and discover a new realm of excitement and adventure!

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